The new meeting video player

Optimised video player with Ai-features for talks with a clear library for meeting content.

Video, slides or script - Bring your event or meeting content to your audience. 

The new video player is designed for the dissemination of scientific meeting content like talks and panel discussion. Unlike general video platforms, it focuses on research-oriented audiences and allows customers full control over their content's hosting and playback.

Key features include an advanced search within videos, smart slide navigation and bookmarking, sharing, and citing slides. It's adaptable to various brands and languages, complies with accessibility standards. As a widget, it brings all the advantages for scientific work to any website.

3 Layers - endless possibilities 

With the video player, which was developed for the content of scientific conferences, you can easily browse slides from presentations and videos of lectures. Navigate easily and quickly to relevant parts of the video and create efficiency in your scientific work. A useful tool for knowledge workers and a perfect solution for research-orientated target groups.

1. Video Layer 

The video layer is the heart of the meta-fusion player. Here you can see the speaker and the presentation at a glance.

  • AI generated captions (28 languages available)
  • Floating player view
  • Full screen mode
  • Slider with preview
  • Settings incl. languages
  • Controls incl. fast play
  • +/- 10 sec

2. Slide Layer

Simply swipe through the slides to get directly to the place you are looking for. From there, you can go directly to the corresponding point in the video with just one click.

Mobile-optimised smart browsing through presentations makes it possible for users to get to the desired point quickly, even during the event or on the go.

The intuitive operation makes it easy for every user.

3. Info Layer 

The info layer is the special view for all text information as title, speaker, dates for sessions and talks.

In addition, the AI generated transcript can be downloaded as a PDF in one of 27 languages in this layer plus the original language.

  • Title
  • Speaker and talk information
  • Transcript as PDF

Intelligent Search

Don't remember? Or you would like to listen to a certain part of the lecture again? Search with the intelligent search in video or slides. When you have found the part in the search results, you can jump directly to the relevant video position.

  • Search directly in the player
  • Search within slides and spoken words
  • Jump directly to relevant video position

Share, quote or add to favourites - these functions turn the video player into a scientific working tool



Like function

Like videos, and let others and the author know that the content is particularly interesting or valuable for you.


Share function

Easily share a video or a specific slide with colleagues via email, social media or as a link.

This allows you to forward important information directly or start a discussion in your association.

Or you can make a note for yourself to remember certain contents of the presentation.



Add to favourites

Simply bookmark the video or a specific slide in your favourites and refer easily back to it later.



Select the subtitles from 28 different languages. The subtitles are generated via an AI. Also perfect for listening to the talk without sound.



Academics can easily cite online videos as a source in texts and bibliographies.

The desired citation style can be easily selected. There is BibText or Plaintext. The appropriately formatted source citation including timestamp is copied to the clipboard for further use.




Download the transcript of the talk and choose from 28 languages.

The technical insides of the meta-fusion video player

Designed for scientific meeting content

No matter what kind of talk you are planning for your event, the player can perfectly reproduce the most diverse types.

Optimal aspect ratio for

  • Talks (slides + speaker)
  • Moderation (video only)
  • Discussion panels (2 videos)

Adaptable to every brand and language

The player can be customized with your CI colors and logo, to fit perfectly into your event.

  • Adaptable color scheme, e.g. buttons
  • Background images
  • Area for event branding